It’s time to forget the Keto diet!



You tried all possible modern foods – a fever diet, a 30-day diet, periodic hunger (not to mention a num dietary, post sacred Danila and a cube of cheese before you do not pass out). So what’s the point with all of those nutrition plans that you’re constantly hungry and dissatisfied with? You may not enter the ingredients that are good for you, and you always fall asleep.

According to Dr. Shirin Panahi, there is one better approach, called “nutrition that saturates”. Science shows that it successfully helps people control body weight and health without extreme measures such as limiting or abolishing all food groups (such as carbohydrates, for example). But what exactly does it represent?

According to an article published by Panahi in the journal Scientific American, the diet that saturates is “a diet consisting of healthy foods that specifically saturate, i.e. foods that give a sense of satiety and satisfaction. ” These are rich in proteins (such as fish), fibers (such as whole grains) and various fruits and vegetables. However, unlike many modern diets, saturated diet includes healthy fats (avocados, for example) and even dairy products rich in probiotics for good bowel function (including yogurt and unprocessed cheese). The list is also capsaicin that gives the peppers an indolence.

“What characterizes these foods is that each of them has features that contribute to your health by reducing hunger, reducing fat in the body, lowering blood sugar, improving blood pressure or accelerating metabolism,” Panahi explains. And when you combine them in your diet, this could be the right solution for maintaining healthy body weight, she says. According to her, in 2017, a study was conducted in which participants were either on a saturated diet (from 20 to 25 percent of proteins) or on normal diet (from 10 to 15 percent of proteins). The first group lost more pounds and fat, felt a lot, and had more chances to maintain this diet.

Of course, a promising study is just the tip of the iceberg. But we are ready to accept it. It’s time to forget the keto diet.

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