In Belgrade, Aleksandar ski trail is a place with the most beautiful view of sunset in Belgrade



People who traveled around the world have seen a great number of adventures and can tell us which scene was the best. For example, many claim that the sunset on the beach is special, while the photo of the sunset over the desert can send a message that beauty exists even in those parts of the world that seem to be abandoned.

In Belgrade, Aleksandar ski trail is a place with the most beautiful view of Belgrade. Enjoy skiing and fire in the fire in the winter, and fly in the sounds of the forest and a soothing view that shoots up to Fruška Gora.

Belgrade is located on 29 hills.

U should check Aleksandar Ski trail on Kosutnjak…

Košutnjak is an excellent place for many Belgradeians, both due to the nature and the atmosphere, but also look at the city. From here, the view stretches across the bridge at Ada, towards other parts of Belgrade.

The image of a bridge that connects two shores looks incredible, and the roofs are tiny as if it were toys. During the night you will have the impression that a million rocks landed on the city, and if you are hungry or hungry there is a restaurant.

Buses on lines 23 and 53 travel to Košutnjak, and when you are already going there, take advantage of and walk through the trails covered with foliar leaves.

There is something that you will not miss when you are at this beautiful place, which is the sunset. Whatever the place to choose the scene is magnificent, and experience unforgettable.

Košutnjak is a place where Belgrade is going for excursions, barbecues, running, walking. But Košutnjak is also home to a vineyard paradise within which there is a restaurant and a café. Wood tables, greenery and a dream-like look, let you spend hours and hours of pleasant day-to-day vacations.

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