Imagine the light from 4 to 9 February in KC Grad


Imagine the light from 4 to 9 February in KC Grad

The Belgrade Light Show opens its second decade of its activities under the program entitled The Idea of ​​Light which will be held from February 4th to 9th at the City Center Cultural Center. For the duration of the event, five artists, art groups and collectives, with their dynamic performances, installations and exhibitions that play with movement, light and sound, will transform the City Gallery of the City of KC and offer a completely different experience every evening.

With the intention to bypass the thematic frameworks, Belgrade of Light this year deals with imagining, designing and thinking, so artists, scientists, performers, light designers, theatrical directors, stage designers and musicians will be among the participants. An interesting and unusual program in which art, science and technology intertwine, participants of Belgrade’s light will play the visual perception of visitors and intrigue them to imagine the light themselves.


Belgrade of Light has existed since 2008 as a unique event dedicated to the development and spreading of the culture of light. By organizing exhibitions and artistic interventions in urban areas, educational workshops, professional lectures and programs aimed at professionals, both children and youth, Belgrade Light develops authentic creative and experimental practices and encourages the establishment of a platform for open debate on the subject of lighting and light and artistic expression.

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