If you did something wrong try to check Wrong fest and party!



Adhering to the tradition of Wrong Surprises, the team behind Pancevo Wrong Fest added the ONYX hip hop legend on the third day of the festival on July 21, 2019. This means that line-up on Sunday becomes one of the hardest at all festivals this summer! Have the opportunity to hear Delinquent Habits with ONYX is the dream of most hip hop fans.

The Wrong stage door will open at 22:00, which will start the two-day program on the Tamiš Coast. The only Bulgarian band at the festival will perform 10 minutes after 23 hours, while the headliners Underground Youth will begin their appearance shortly after 1 in the morning … well, technically at night.

On other days of the festival, the times remain essentially the same – the opening of the festival door at the same time, and the bands will follow a similar timeframe. On the second and third day you can watch bands Dog Eat Dog, Deez Nuts, Rhythm Nered, God Is An Astronaut, Rolo Tomasi, Delinquent and several others.

The museum scene, which is located in the courtyard of the National Museum of Pancevo, opens the door at 20:00, and the performance of EYOT will be at 22:00.

In the immediate vicinity of the river there will be a free campsite that will be able to receive over 300 tents. This will allow people in the camp to have enough space and easy access to the platforms that are one of the other 5 minutes walk.

During the festival, the Municipality of Pančevo and Wrong Fest organized a free parking regime. Friday from 17:00 to Monday at 8:00 am parking will be free in the yellow and green zone of Pančevo..

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