Ideal food for a perfect family or friendly trip around Belgrade!



Ideal food for a perfect family or friendly trip
During the warm months, it is a real pleasure to spend a day in the nature and eat in a meadow or in a forest. Here are some suggestions for choosing food for the trip and how to prepare it …

The secret of a successful picnic is in simplicity, careful planning and preparation. It should not be too ambitious – it’s a mistake to think that the meals you serve at home will be equally good in nature.

Keep in mind that some foods will not be well suited for transportation. But if you can not imagine an excursion without a sandwich with a salad, take the food separately, so put the sandwich only when you reach the destination.

It is most practical to take different types of small pastries so you do not get tired of cutting bread.

Roast chicken or fish and fresh vegetables are always a good choice.
As far as meat is concerned – grilling is the best way to enjoy nature and food at the same time. Meat or fish is best to marinate the night before departure.

Tinsels are also always welcome – beans, corn, peas, tuna … You can do all this separately or mix in a delicious salad that you will eat with a baked bread.
Salad is easy to carry if you have prepared it before and prepared it in containers with a lid. For each picnic, tasty and sweet mini-tomatoes, sweet corn, olives, paprika, cabbage …
And candy for the end – like dessert, bring dry cookies and biscuits that will survive. Do not forget the takeaway and enough fresh fruit or already prepared fruit salad. Of course, as for sugar – watch out for the amount!

Always carry enough water with you – the best choice is fresh water or freshly squeezed juices.

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