Serbian hunting grounds are one of the most famous in Europe. According to the Hunting Federation of Serbia, there are 15 hunting areas in our country, which include over 198 hunting associations, and even 69,800 hunter members.

What can be caught in Serbia?

The diversity of wildlife that can be found in Serbia is certainly one of the reasons why there are so many hunters in our country. There are: rabbit, quails, wild ducks, wild geese, pheasants, partridges. Represented species are: roe deer, wild boar, deer paddle and mouflon of papkar, wolf, lynx and bear.

Some of these species are autochthonous, while others are introduced or have naturally spread from neighboring hunting grounds. From the hunting association “Trstenik” they say that they regularly bring rabbits from Vojvodina, and so far about 3,000 rabbits have been transferred.

Where can you hunt in Serbia?

The largest hunting grounds in Serbia are certainly those that are under the management of JP “Srbijašume” and JP “Vojvodinašume”.

On the surface of 488,020 hectares JP “Srbijašume” runs with 44 hunting areas, which extend at an altitude of 70 meters to over 1,500 meters. Most belong to mountain-type hunting grounds. The number of animals is 10,500 heads, or 2 heads per 100 hectares.

The hunting grounds at this company are located in the vicinity of Belgrade, Kucevo, Boljevac, Despotovac, Kragujevac, Loznica, Uzice, Prijepolje, Vranje, Leskovac, Pirot, Nis, Kuršumlija, Krusevac, Kraljevo, Raška and Ivanjica.

Hunting grounds within the Public Enterprise “Vojvodinašume” have been established and formed on the surface of 109,824.34 hectares. On this surface 17 hunting grounds have been established, 17 forest hunting sites have been established and are located in the vicinity of cities – Novi Sad, Pančevo , Sombor, Sremska Mitrovica, Petrovaradin.

The prices of hunting are different and depend on the size and weight of the trophy.

There is also the possibility of organizing and hunting wild boars, as well as a one-day hunt for a group of 10 to 15 hunters with the possibility of shooting at multiple throats.

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