How to spend summer in Belgrade?



The year in Belgrade is an experience in itself.

Popular city zones are full of crowds, during the festival in the vicinity of all rows of visitors, and life in Belgrade does not slow down, but somehow gets repackaged and redesigned. Just so it becomes a new experience every time to each of us.

Many come to visit concerts and festival days at one of the best European festivals held every year in Novi Sad – EXIT or Guca, Festival of Trumpets, indispensable for all gourmand lovers, the best cafes and good cheerful music and atmosphere.

BeerFest attracts special attention, where all fans of beer are always waiting for various concerts, good entertainment and, of course, traditional Serbian hosts spirit.

Ada Ciganlija is really a summer oasis .. that you need to visit obligatory.
Many have been accustomed to numerous sports activities in Ada, golf, basketball and other terrains, excellent cafes and restaurants on Ada, equally from Makiš side as well as side of famous bungee. Ada Ciganlija is well connected with all parts of the city, and there is a parking lot for which you get free bike rental. It is also connected with New Belgrade and with a boat, it is ideal for escaping from the city noise, although the sun and heat of the summer in Belgrade arrive here too.

There is also Ada Safari if you like to explore a little more.

The nightlife in Belgrade is known now and also all over the world. Definitely Belgrade offers something for everyone. There are not only Belgrade rafts and clubs.

There are bars with live music, Cetinjska, Kosutnjak, Ada and at night, New Belgrade restaurants, concerts and the most beautiful walks along the quay in fresh summer nights.

Escape from the asphalt fire on Avala too. This small mountain is ideal for a beautiful family trip. Always impressive sculptures of Mestrovic, fragrant nature, restaurants, and of course – the tower on Avala will make you relax and forget that you are still in the vicinity of the city. In addition to Avala, Kosmaj, Bojčin Forest, Banovci or Fruska Gora are not far away. But trips and hidden places near Belgrade are another topic.


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