How to hook up with a ‘raft’ girl..



These girls are considered the most attractive members of the more beautiful sex. They are always arranged and ready to party. Five hours before they go out they start putting make up so they look perfect. It is not rare and subjected to plastic surgery, because everything for … beauty!

Apart from that ..they look expensive, they like to party. Or at least others think the same. If you like some of the members of this coastal type of woman, then make sure your wallet is always full. They go to the club with the expectation that somebody should come to them, but also to pay them a drink.

Raft girls like to party as expensive as they like to be noticed. If you can not ensure that they are at the center of attention, they will go to the one who can. This type of girl is very resourceful and combatant. She will fight with other girls for a seat in the separe with all her might. Which means the battles are not odd for these girls.

In a word, they know what they want and it is no rarity to eventually become successful “women entrepreneurs” or estrade artists thanks to their persistence. They swim in all waters, often and foggy. If you love the risk, then they are the right choice. In addition to being at risk of bankruptcy, there is a risk that you will be left very quickly (if you happen to be tied up).

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