Here’s how foreigners see Serbia



Here’s how foreigners see Serbia and what their first association is to our country..
So let’s see what foreigners have to say about us, our people and tradition, and their first association to our country when it comes to mentioning!

– History. A land of open heart and mind, a true European state. Amicable and nice people. And if I can notice a very competitive person, I appreciate it and I love it.


– Definitely parties and nightlife. I’ve been here for 9 days and I’m delighted with Kalemegdan and Skadarlija, and rafts! For the first time I was aborted, there is no such thing in us, and I can not wait to return and share my experiences with the closest ones.


– I do not know. It’s hard to answer and single out one thing. Let the river be Sava. This is the first thing I noticed and which I learned on the Internet about Serbia and Belgrade. Walking and relaxing in the evening are relaxing, I do it regularly when I am at home. Walking along the Sava is something wonderful.


– Unique. A mixture of cultures is incredible because of your history, since you were part of Yugoslavia. In the west and east, it was different, the north was under the influence of Hungary, while the south far more resembles Turkey and has a lot of features and their culture. I like the food a lot, it’s too good.

– You want me to tell you the first word I learned, believe me, you do not want to hear your friends (laughter). Atmosphere, everything is light and people are fine and witty seems like everyone is somewhere in the hurry and time is over. Do the same thing as the whole world but without any pressure and it feels. You know that you have to do some work and you have a feeling all the time that you’re relaxed.


– Nightlife, definitely. I did not have any impressions when I started, nor did I search excessively on the Internet where I was going. I let it happen just by myself and I was delighted with social life here.

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