What happens when you get carry away with plastic operations…Serbian starlet girls hot or not?

Here’s how the most famous Serbian starlet looked like before plastic surgery
Stanya participated in the rival Survivor in 2012, where she looked completely different
Before the aesthetic interventions, Stanya looked quite different…

Stanija Dobrojevic became known to the public about the participation of Survivor and Farm tv show, music videos and provocative photos in male magazines, and a year ago she started singing.
Many people are thrilled with the look today, but when we return only a few years back, we see that Dobrojević looked a lot different.

Namely, in 2012 she participated in the Survivor rial, where she looked completely different.

Stan then had less breasts, mouth and buttocks. Although she was younger then, her face looked a lot older, her hair was unhindered and visibly thinner.

In the meantime, Stania did a couple of corrections, so she does not resemble the girl who fought for survival on the island in the wild.

She was a silicone queen, and now she decided on drastic move: She pulled out the silicone and Nobody RECOGNIZED her!

For some time Tiana has a more natural look, and many would certainly not recognize her on the street..
Tijana Djuricic, a starlet and former participant in Farm tv show, many have remembered for their striking appearance.

She also spoke on several occasions about all the interventions she worked on, and the largest number was about breast and lips. However, for some time Tijana has a more natural look, and many would certainly not recognize them on the street.
Even a nasty puppet lens, she replaced by more calm, blue colored one.

Tamara Đurić decided to return to the natural look and get rid of unnecessary silicone implants that she incorporated a few years ago.

A newlywed singer has long been planning to travel abroad where the team of top surgeons would remove the filaments that left her in the buttocks for which she had serious problems, and at the same time decided to remove the silicone from the chest. According to a source close to Tamara, the operation is in the best possible order, and she will spend the next few days under the strict supervision of a doctor.

So… HOT or.. not..

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