Guess who is the number one nation, visiting Belgrade the most ?


More and more tourists from Turkey, Israel, China, Estonia, and here are what most of them are interested in when they come in Belgrade.
In May, 16 percent more foreign guests were registered and 32 percent were domestic than in the same month last year. The most numerous tourists are from Turkey, and there is an increase in the number of Chinese, Israelis, and Estonians visiting our capital.

In May, the most numerous were tourists from Turkey, China, Germany, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the highest growth compared to the previous period was recorded by guests from China, Israel, Estonia, Portugal and Ireland.
Depending on the number of days that guests will sing for visiting Belgrade, activities are also selected. Those who stay shorter often visit the central parts of the city, Knez Mihailova, Kalemegdan, Skadarlija, as well as Zemun and the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia. In the summer season, Ada Ciganlija is also popular because of the location and the numerous contents that it offers ..

Guests from Bosphorus often “forget to take” the good manners when they come to our city, Italians and Israelis show excellent education, and Scandinavians arrive in Belgrade to give themselves a vent
Turks in Belgrade are doing everything they can not in Turkey..
Hundreds of tourists from Turkey come to Belgrade every weekend to spend with their mistresses, as the new laws introduced by their president, Rexhep Erdogan, are very rigorous towards extramarital ties.

Turks have to hide lovers in their own country and play exemplary husbands because otherwise they are facing serious punishments, social condemnation and loss of property in divorce proceedings. However, in Belgrade, they can enjoy their lovers in peace, and by the way, they leave the cucumbers and alcohols, which are also forbidden in Turkey.

For this reason, they decided to play exemplary husbands and family people in Turkey, and with their swordsmen, they were relaxed and relaxed in Belgrade. They think that our capital is ideal for a good party in every sense of the word..

Tourists from Turkey do not like to book a visit to Belgrade through agencies, but mostly come in private arrangement. They spend a lot of money on outings and night outings by early morning hours, and coming to Serbia is not a bit of a pleasure for them. It is possible that in our city they enjoy lovers, but there are also those who come with their families..

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