The great Belgrade Arena


The Belgrade Arena is the most modern multipurpose place for sports, culture, entertainment, exhibitions, fairs and other events. Arena is an object with state-of-the-art technology, universal use, sophisticated marketing, exceptional comfort, with a comprehensive offer of services for viewers and visitors.
Arena visits between 600,000 and 800,000 visitors per year.

Arena is a complex consisting of: large halls, small halls and parking space. The building has 18,386 chairs, of which upholstered 720.
Arena has 70 luxury lodges with a total capacity of 860 seats.

First..arena is there for the big sports programs, but the “Belgrade Arena” has been functioning for several years thanks to artistic and scenic spectacles, bringing great names like Sting, Shakira and Elton John.
Along with rockers and pop stars, “Arena” has become the home of top classical music artists.
Belgrade Arena includes three segments: Multipurpose hall, small hall, covered and open parking.

The hall of the area is 48 000 m2 distributed in 6 levels, height 36 m, capacity 18 000-25 000 visitors depending on the event. The purpose of the large hall is sports programs, rock concerts, various musical, theater and stage spectacles. Within the sports program, martial arts, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, tennis, handball, small football, gymnastics are foreseen. There are possibilities of transforming the podium into an athletic track of 200 m long with 6 tape for horse and sport competitions.

The entrances to “Arena” are visibly marked, as well as signs for easier access to the hall. The whole object is under video surveillance. A pleasant atmosphere is provided by air conditioners that maintain a temperature of about 23 degrees. In addition to the ventilation, there are also devices for controlling and adjusting the humidity of the air in the hall.

People come to such facilities to have fun and to be comfortable at that time.

“Belgrade Arena” has one of the best regulated theaters in Europe that provides visitors with a comfortable and easy access to the seat, a good seat and, most importantly, a good visibility. The efficiency of abandoning the halls is among the first in Europe, because the Arena exits make it possible to empty the theater in 9.6 minutes.

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