Golden rules of dressing up!


Golden dressing rules

Look at the mirror before going to an important business or private meeting. How many different patterns are on you, and in what colors? Exaggeration is not allowed, but there are exceptions. Sometimes two different patterns, prints, in identical colors, or two identical (discrete) patterns of different sizes can be tolerated.

Blouse or dress with breeches, bare back and arms, rarely when fitted. If you want to wear a sleeve without sleeves, let it go ahead and then a high-closed or closed model.

Skin on the stomach and back, in the waist area, should not be seen, even if you wear jeans. If you wear a short cardigan, for example, dress under the top of a satisfactory length that may eventually appear for a moment.

The “golden number” for neck cut is 10. So many centimeters, the maximum, should be the depth of the opening between your key bone and chest if you go to an official meeting or are in the workplace.

You must know this rule of dressing – a bigger cut on your chest and shoulders goes best with a long dress or skirt, and vice versa – if you uncover your legs in mini combinations and high heels, the upper body should be covered.

Avoid too many jewelry – if you have decided on earrings, you can possibly add a bracelet, and with the necklace, combine the ring. Three or four pieces together are not recommended, even if you have purchased them as a kit.

On the blouse or shirt, the maximum two upper buttons can be unlocked.

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