Get to know more about Belgrade!


Belgrade visits millions of tourists annually. That’s what official statistics say, and estimates are at least twice as high because many of them stay in unregistered accommodation in so-called home-made work. Almost all foreign tourists who come to our capital have a list of  things to visit.

The first on the list of tourists is the Belgrade Fortress, a cultural and historical complex of invaluable value.

What distinguishes the Belgrade Fortress from others in the world is its size since it covers more than 60 hectares.

The most visited buildings of the Belgrade Fortress are the Roman Well and the Military Museum’s Military Museum.

The biggest Orthodox sacred place of the Balkans, the Temple of St. Sava, attracts foreign tourists irresistibly.

Skadarlija is the third in the list of ambient units that the foreigners visit.

Knez Mihailova Street, guarantees a special atmosphere.





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