Fruskogorska Lugarnica – Mala Remeta


The Fruskogorska Lugarnica is located in Mala Remeta, about 50 minutes from Belgrade and Novi Sad. It is the right choice for those who want a holiday in a rural setting. This tourist facility is located on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora National Park. It features the largest number of sunny days throughout the year, as well as tranquility and fresh air. This place is ideal for anyone – from couples, to families with children.

Mala Remeta

The village of Mala Remeta is a tiny village of the Irig Municipality with more than 100 inhabitants, and surrounding forests and meadows, where guests can enjoy full peace and quiet.

Mala Remeta is one of the smallest villages in Srem, and it is easiest to reach it when you turn off the Belgrade-Sid highway either near Ruma or near Sremska Mitrovica, depending on where you come from. From both places, take the road to Velike Radince, take the exit for the village of Jazak, then the signs for Mala Remeta and Lugarnica. Everything is well marked. In both cases, this village and its pearls are only a 20-minute drive from Ruma and Sremska Mitrovica.


This village was dying until recently. However, since a serious apple and vine plantation Atos Fruktum and Restaurant Lugarnica were built here, things have changed. There are more and more guests, but peace has not been disturbed.

Fruskogorska Lugarnica – An ideal place for relaxation

Fruskogorska Lugarnica is ideal for those who want a bonfire in the countryside, in absolute peace and quiet, away from city crowds, noise, and cars. It has a restaurant with 50 seats, with a view of Fruska Gora and Srem. It also has a wine cellar with 20 seats, and a summer house. The house is suitable for all types of celebrations, seminars, recreational classes, and classes in nature, as well as other types of gatherings.

A spacious courtyard with a children’s playground, pets, and horses will make your stay at this place worth remembering.
Accommodation capacity consists of two five-bed apartments, one five-bedroom, and one four-bedroom. All apartments and rooms have separate bathrooms. Guests can enjoy traditional specialties typical of Srem and Fruska Gora, supplemented with venison offer.

From here you can easily reach the swimming pools, nearby lakes, and springs, and one of the most beautiful monasteries is located just behind the fence. Guests of Fruskogorska Lugarnica can enjoy local specialties characteristic of Srem and Fruska Gora. Guests of the accommodation have at their disposal internet, parking.

Whether you decide to stay here or at some other place, this place definitely must be on your must-see list.

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