First of May in Belgrade.. imagine whole city out of their homes in nature making barbecue!

The first May and the extended weekend have already come to a close, and you do not know where you are going? Want an unforgettable time, but are European metropolises and trips around the region too expensive or too far away? Do not despair! The right place to spend your first May holidays is actually in Serbia!

The first May as the International Labor Day in Serbia is traditionally celebrated without working at all.

As early as Monday night,  many will hurry to take the best places for traditional 01. May … a day to have fun and enjoy. It is a precious opportunity to relax from work, relax and enjoy in the beutiful nature and good company. And to keep everything in line, it’s time to start preparing.

First of May can not be imagined without a grill, a kettle and a cold drink. Therefore, get a good grill or a kettle, a high-quality rug, something in which you will put ready-made deacons, a grip for turning meat or vegetables and a large portable refrigerator.

If you decide to grill, here are some tips. To give your grilled meat a special flavor, add flakes of oak, apples, cherries or some other high-quality hardwood, which you kept in the water for about an hour.

Pimples, cheese, chicken, turkey and pork are better if they are spiced before baking, while beef and veal should be salted after baking, and still a little vapor to soften. Good grill masters, otherwise, the meat is turned only once, when the juices from the inside of the meat begin to penetrate the surface.

And if something is wrong to you, remember that you are sure to win, because you celebrate in the middle of a working week.

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