Feel the magic of Skadarlija



Skadarlija is the place where everyone can enjoy. The old glow has returned to this famous street. The mix of colors of the sun and the rain give it a special magical vibe.

The Skadarlija is sunbathing with sunshine, bathed with rain.. and it bloom. Skadarlija is a place where all come, tourists, Belgrade people, business people, students, children, graduates. It is a unique part of Belgrade in the old part of Belgrade.

In Skadarlija everything is peaceful, graceful and beautiful. Every building, house, part of the street, every stone has its own story.

There are famous taverns Tri Sesira, Dva Jelena, Ima dana.. Putujuci glumac and hotel Le Petit Piaf in which the Restaurant Skadarlijski cardak is located.

Cultural manifestations are held from spring to winter … In winter, Skadarlija.. is calm, white, tranquil …And during summer, alive, happy, colorful …

It’s like time is not due to its obscurity, because it really does not exist here, and also because of some kind of unusual warmth and nostalgia that this place carries with it. You’re in Belgrade, and you’re not.

As a small country for themselves, made by locals looking for good mood and old-fashioned music and curious tourists eager for unusual nightlife.

A beautiful street (where there is no traffic, it’s just for the people) in the center of Belgrade, full of cafes, happy people and good times. Ideal for gourmets and lovers of old-fashioned music.

Skadarlija … is a historical, cult and bohemian destination. Something that tourists first visit in Belgrade. A lot of prestigious restaurants, lots of artists and poets who spent a good part of their lives in Skadarlija  …
A place that should not be missed in Belgrade.

Beautiful street with lots of restaurants. A place that preserves the old city spirit and gives the impression that you are somewhere where the time has stopped, and not in the center of the capital.

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