Exit festival camp… get ready for it!


Exit festival is getting closer, excitement grows, new plans are made, and the old ones are confirmed. Soon the packing moment will come, and if you plan to camp, we are confident that these tips will help you get completely ready and to enjoy your stay.

In addition to the tent and sleeping bag / mattress, you try to use sponge yoga mats..

Make / get a flag, or some other sign of recognition that will hang on your tent so you do not miss the bed when you are tired of returning from the Dance Arena!

Slippers are a very practical thing to walk around the campsite and go everyday to the store, your feet will thank you for not capturing them in shoes.

Let’s have a bunch of photos and footage from the festival, but if you do not want to stop thinking about the phone, it’s best to bring some old mobile.

Toilet paper – it is quickly consumed in the toilets, so it’s practical to have it in the tent.

Sleeping on the ground is hard enough and without sunburn, so use a cream with a protective factor and do not forget to lubricate it several times during the day.

After the biggest Exit summer in history, the organizers are again announcing festival excesses. In the year 2018, the EXIT festival will count five members, according to the organizers. The central point is, of course, the Petrovaradin Fortress, where EXIT Festival will take place between 12th and 15th July.

Exit camp is the most popular gathering place for Exit visitors. The camp is open from 10 to 17 July.

Socializing with people from all over the world, sleeping in tents and music that does not stop are just some of the pleasures that the camp gives for a unique and irreplaceable festival experience.

It is located on the Danube beach, 1.7 km from the city center, 3.4 km from the festival venue.

The organizer of the festival has made sure that you have a pleasant stay in the camp: hot water showers, toilets (toi toi), different food and beverage offerings. Friendly staff, employees and volunteers will take care of you. They will be happy to help you and provide you with information about the festival or places you would like to visit in the city.

Bring the camping equipment with you (the price does not include camping equipment).

Remember to get in a good mood, and the problems and things that you are struggling to leave at home, and enjoy this awesome edition of Exit Festival!

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