Exit festival 2018, this year craziest festival in Eastern Europe is going huge!


Exit in 2018 with five festivals!!!

After the EXIT Year of Love 2017, which the world reminded of the fundamental values ​​of 1967, when the revolutionary humanist” hippie “movement, which changed the world forever, will exit, in the year of its” adult life “, one of the greatest accomplishments of that time, above all personal freedom..

After EXIT Summer of Love set the record for four festivals in 2017, EXIT Freedom will be the biggest festival effort to date, not only in the region, but also in the wider region, as it will bring together five festivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro in 2018 , Romania, Croatia and Serbia..

The first certified Exit performers, but also for other festivals organized by the Exit team, such as Festival84 at Jahorina, Sea Star in Umag, Revolution in Timisoara and Sea Dance in Budva, will be released soon. All festival fans can expect some of the most successful artists in the world music scene combined with the proven names, from a variety of music genres, whereby Exit is also known on the world festival scene.

The organizers note that Exit is one of the few music festivals that has emerged from the freedom movement and which has a strong social mission since its inception, and Exit Freedom is a global call for freedom from slavery to materialism, stereotypes and collective delusions in which today is our civilization.

The richness of the offer presented through 20+ stages is really inspiring and starts to think, even if you are a passing passerby Petrovaradin fortress, one of the more beautiful places for concert events in general. Namely, the key question that Exit imposes is not music at all, but one extremely general – if something like this is possible in our country when it comes to world popular music, that is: a discipline in which we have not previously been big champions, like some other countries, nor we have ever had such a serious international festival – what else is possible with us, just need to be seriously done to happen?

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