Everything you need to know about parking in Belgrade


Like any large metropolis, Belgrade suffers from traffic jams and an endless search for a parking space, especially in the center. Parking in Belgrade is not easy to find. How does it actually work? It is one of the issues that can cost you dearly if you do not inform yourself in time. Anyone who has ever started looking for a parking space in Belgrade will confirm to you that it can turn into a real hell. It is because the number of cars and guests in Belgrade is growing every day. In the following text, read the guide through parking in Belgrade.

Parking zones

A good part of Belgrade, especially the part that interests visitors and tourists, is full of parking zones. These parking lots are divided into 3 zones and are paid every started hour:

  • First Red Zone – the possible delay is up to 1 hour
  • Second Yellow Zone – up to 2 hours
  • Third Green Zone – up to 3 hours

Parking spaces in the center of Belgrade have three zones according to priority. In the red zone are the most critical locations in the city: streets near post offices, hospitals, police stations, etc. The yellow zone is somewhat less unburdened, and the green zone is the least attractive part of the inner city.


All 3 zones are marked with special traffic signs that are in the color of that zone as well as road markings, also in the color of that zone. Thus, for example, the street in the third parking zone will have a sign in green with a notice about the zone. Only the parking space on the road will be bordered in green.

In all three zones, parking is charged on weekdays from 7 am to 9 pm and on Saturdays from 7 am to 2 pm. After your time expires, you must move your vehicle or you will find a penalty payment order under the wiper left by the controller.

Parking garages

In public garages, parking charges per hour. If you want to leave your car and walk through the city center, we recommend the garages Obilicev venac, Zeleni venac, Masarikova and Pionirski park. All four are a few minutes walk from Kalemegdan, Knez Mihailova Street, the National Museum, and many other sights.

A little further from the crowded city center, you can leave your car in the garages of Vuk’s Monument, Botanical Garden, and Baba Visnjina. Maybe you don’t like the hustle and bustle and streets full of tourists and passers-by, or you just want to walk along the Boulevard, Vracar, or Donji Dorcol. Whatever the reason is, feel free to leave your car here.

If Belgrade is a passing destination, you can also leave your car in the airport parking lot. He will be waiting for you when you return.

Garages are certainly the safest option for you, but it may not suit you to drag cars into public garages. You may not plan to stay long. In that case, if you want to park in the narrower and wider center of Belgrade, you will have to pay attention to the parking zones.


How to pay for parking in Belgrade?

There are several ways to pay for parking in the capital of Serbia. They are parking tickets, parking meters, mobile phones. When it comes to a ticket for parking in Belgrade, you buy it from the controller. He enters the time of arrival. Your obligation is to put it on the inside of the windshield.

The easiest way is definitely SMS with the vehicle registration number (eg. BG155222) which you write without spaces and overall mobile networks. You have to save the return message which contains all the information about paid parking, for God’s sake. If you do not receive a return message within 2 minutes, the payment failed. In that case, the service will of course not be charged. To get the parking status, you need to send an SMS with the sign “?” to the parking zone number.

The advantage of paying by SMS is that you will receive a reminder about the expiration of paid parking on your mobile phone 5-10 minutes before the time expires. If you want to extend the parking for the next hour, you need to send the same license plate. Or you can just send the * sign to the zone number.


At night parking in Belgrade is free

The good news for night birds is that parking in Belgrade is not charged on weekdays from 9 pm to 8 am, and on Saturdays, it is paid in the period from 8 am to 2 pm, while on Sundays parking is completely free.

This means that if you go out on weekdays after 9 pmon Saturdays after 2 pm, and on Sundays at any time. You will not have to pay for parking. So, practically, free parking in Belgrade at night is what the capital can boast of.

For the very end, it remains to tell you to be considerate drivers. Park the car properly, in a way that will not prevent another driver from parking next to your car. Belgrade is a big city and parking is a problem, keep that in mind.

Before you come here, check on the website of Parking service Belgrade for the number of free places at a given time in garages and parking lots.

You can always contact us for more information.

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