Dva Jelena – Old place, new story


We are proud to announce that iconic Belgrade restaurant – Dva Jelena, has a new face. The creative people from the new management started the new marketing campaign under the slogan “Old place, new story”. The aim is to turn this famous restaurant into a must-visit place for evening fun in Belgrade.

At the initial phase, from 19:00 until 23:00, you can expect the entertainment program with great music. The grand openings of the entertainment program will be on Friday, October 23rd, and Saturday, October 24th. Of course, the restaurant is working every day from 10:00 so the visitors are welcome to come for breakfast or lunch as well. From next week onwards, you can enjoy the entertainment program every evening from Thursday to Saturday. Of course, the plan is to expand it to every evening. So, you will not have to think which day is it – just come in and join the fun.


Dva Jelena – the spirit of old Belgrade

Located in the very heart of the city – in bohemian, cobbled Skadarlija street, restaurant Dva Jelena is welcoming guests since 1832. In English, “Dva Jelena” means “two deers”. This is a restaurant of impeccable reputation, known for its top-notch service, cozy interior, and delicious menu. And the tambura orchestra gives a special touch to the atmosphere. Hence, it is no surprise that, for almost two centuries, famous actors, writers, and even state figures were the guests of this restaurant. Would you like to dine in the same place where Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter Pierce Brosnan enjoyed their meals? In that case, come to Dva Jelena and indulge yourself with the best local food and wine.

Even Jamie Oliver’s team visited Dva Jelena, and was delighted by the service, music, and aromas. We can definitely say that this is the best restaurant in Belgrade, and we expect it to be even better.


The exquisite menu

The menu is based on traditional Serbian cuisine.

Start from the “Dva Jelena” appetizer of the house and taste the high-quality smoked ham and handcrafted cheese. Or perhaps, start your meal with the pickled bell peppers in sour cream. If you want to dine like a local, then we suggest čvarci – crispy pork cracklings.

For the main course, we recommend their grilled meat dishes. The selection is plentiful and there is no such thing as a bad choice. Try the mouthwatering roasted boneless veal ribs, served with baked potatoes. Or maybe you prefer the pork ribs in spicy-sweet sauce and french fries? If you want simple and traditional food, pljeskavica (spiced meat patty), ćevapi (grilled dish of minced meat), and smoked sausage are the obligatory part of the menu as well.

If you have a sweet tooth, you will certainly enjoy the sour cherry pie or a creamy chocolate cake.

It goes without saying that the wine list has only the best Serbian and foreign wines. In addition, you can enjoy other alcoholic and soft beverages, and even a traditional black coffee.dva-jelena-dining-hall


The restaurant is following all the precautionary measures related to COVID prevention. Its dining hall is very spacious, so it is possible to maintain a safe distance. Another great thing about Dva Jelena restaurant is that it has many smaller, independent halls, so you can make your own celebration in one of them. They can accommodate 20-30 people. And of course, you can have your own music!

We can help you with the reservation, music, and menu, and make sure your imagination turns into reality. Let us know what your preferences are, and we will take care of the rest. Get ready for the dining experience you’ll never forget!

See you in Belgrade!

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