Driving a car in Serbia – What are the requirements?


Driving a car in Serbia and its requirements differs not much that driving a car in any other country. However, there are certain things you should know if you decide to drive here or come here by car.

A driver’s license for driving a car in Serbia

First, let’s mention this important document. A driver’s license is a public document of the competent authority. It gives a person the right to drive a vehicle of a certain category for a certain period of time.

A driver who meets the prescribed conditions and has a driver’s license can drive a motor vehicle.

The driver must not drive the vehicle on the road if he has:

  • a prohibition from driving by the decision of the competent authority,
  • an exclusion from traffic.

Foreign citizens – conditions for driving a car in Serbia

A foreigner temporarily residing in Serbia, on the basis of a valid travel document, foreign identity card or visa, or a citizen of the Republic of Serbia may drive. However, he needs to have a vehicle on the basis of a foreign driver’s license or international driver’s license. The person has to have proof of the length of stay continuously on the territory of Serbia when driving a vehicle. He also has to provide it for inspection at the request of an authorized official.


A foreign driver’s license will be valid in traffic on the roads of Serbia after 12 months from the day when the foreigner got temporary residence for more than six months or permanent residence.

Who can issue a Serbian driver’s license? A foreigner who has been granted a stay of at least six months or who has been issued a permanent residence permit. Also, a citizen of the Republic of Serbia who returns from abroad. Taking a driving test and first aid exam, based on a foreign driver’s license which has not expired is not necessary.

Who can drive a car with foreign plates?

If the car is registered abroad, the so-called foreigner, a person with residence in Serbia must not drive it in Serbia. However, there are exceptions, such as:

  • approval for a stay abroad for a continuous period of at least six months;
  • driving rent-a-car vehicles;
  • driving a vehicle in the presence of a person who has the right to drive a vehicle;
  • if they drive a vehicle that is temporarily registered abroad for import, until the moment of registration here;
  • managing a set of vehicles where the motor vehicle is registered in Serbia, and the trailer is registered abroad.


The fine is from 20,000 to 40,000 dinars if you break some of these rules. However, the additional problem is that you also violated the Customs Law. The police, then, have the right to seize a car on the spot and inform the customs authorities. They can accuse you of not reporting imports, after which everything is in your hands.

In that case, the penalty can be confiscation of the vehicle. It can be returned, but with the condition that a complete import procedure is performed with the payment. This fine ranges from the value of the vehicle to as much as four times the value of the vehicle.

Necessary items to bring with you

Aside from the documents above, there are some legal items you must bring with you. Unless you can adjust your headlights, it is a legal requirement to carry headlamp converters. A warning triangle is also compulsory to carry in vehicles in case of a breakdown. Winter tires and snow chains are a must-have if you are driving between November 1 to April 1.

It is also recommended to have spare bulbs for your car’s external lights, a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit, and a reflective jacket.

Here you can find all useful information as well as the validity of an international driver’s license in the country you are traveling to.

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