Dressing rules for men!



Repeatedly many times – socks should be long enough, so your naked foot can not be seen while you are sitting.

Although it seems to you that the brand is labeled on the outside of material ..style or brand identity, avoid them. A quality jacket looks good without it.

The color of the belt is evaporated with the color of the shoe.

The belt pulled into the pants is obligatory for the shirt.

If you wear a shirt without a jacket, you do not need a tie.

The golden rule for the length of the tie is – it only needs a little to pass the buckle belt, in no way to cover it. The longer and the shorter… it is not elegant.

And one more – the middle button of the jacket should always be latched, the bottom always unlocked, and the top ones – depending on the occasion and mood.

So far for now. Similar rules of dress, with some more details, you will find easily on the Internet. It is only important that you accept their meaning in certain situations, and you are ready to adhere to them.

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