Dress codes in Belgrade clubs.. can you handle it?



 Dress code or dressing style is extremely important, and sometimes the decisive thing to enter the club. You do not enter the discotheque in a flip flops, shorts and rude shoes, so adjust the dressing mode and be sure to be at the club. Not only will they let you in, but you’ll feel better and safer in what u wear yourself.

Dressing up is a way of expressing, but with that you also want to show off your moral, intellectual, and life-style. Ever since memorizing, people have classified themselves as wearing clothing and accompanying accessories.

Belgrade’s club girls do not seem to make the difference between what is sexy and what is vulgar.

For example: sexy is a small black dress with a slim body, but it’s vulgar when this little black sexy dress looks more like a nylon stocking that leaves no imagination and there’s so much deep khm..space.. that the breasts flow over it (even if are those solid, silicone).

Although, it seems that some girls have come to a danger with this with their fashion creations that could not pass even as a half dress.
With such a tendency among club girls and go-go dancers have to struggle for attention, so each new performance is getting closer to playing with wrapped ends, and perhaps without it.

But – it’s still a “costume” for a stage performance.

Clubs are places where you enjoy music, society and relax. Do not look uniformly without having your own personal seal. Everything that is modern does not mean that it is allowed to every figure. It’s not all about discovering the female attributes, with narrow t-shirts to navel (no longer modern), ultra mini dresses or modern hollahopes . Forget the clothes you wear for a walk. …

Here is an example of what men can wear in different types of clubs..


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