Dog fair is today! Check it out!


On Saturday, June 1, the Sixth Food, Equipment and Cosmetics Fair for Dogs and Other Pets Dog Fest will be held at Delta City Shopping Center. The festival is organized by the magazine Pas.

This year’s event has a humanitarian character and in the end you can take a dog from city asylum of JKP Veterina Belgrade, as well as from the Drazevac shelter.

The event starts at 10h and lasts until 20h. The central event will be the Uninvited Dog Magazine, and watch the schedule below:

12.00 Opening of the event and the Uninvited Dog Magazine from the City Reception Hall
13.00 Agility presentations and exercises of obedience
14.00 Child Quiz Knowledge of Dogs
15.30 Shiz frieze competition
16.30 Choice for the most doggy dog
17.30 Race to the bench
18.30 Choice for the most charming dog

At the spots of the exhibitors, you will be able to get free samples of food, snacks and treats, to get acquainted with equipment, toys, supplements, cosmetics, wardrobe, nursing and healthcare services … During the whole day, the exhibitors will give advice to all visitors on the nutrition and care of our the best four-legged friends, and the winners in all categories of our competitions will be awarded valuable gifts.

Fun program

In order to enjoy all the visitors and their dogs, as always, we have prepared an all-day fun and interactive program: Children’s quiz on dog knowledge, choice for the most charming and most doggy dog, Šiz frieze competition, as well as Race to tick. Winners will receive valuable prizes to be provided by exhibitors.

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