Do you think life in the center of Belgrade is perfect? Here’s why you’re wrong about it

Do you think life in the center of Belgrade is perfect? Here’s why you’re wrong about it

Crowd, noise and heavy traffic disturb peace in the city center, but a large selection of boutiques, a cultural and entertainment program is what makes the capital of the capital interesting and appealing ..
Many famous people had only words of praise for Belgrade. The strangers are delighted with his culture and nightlife. Many people like the way of life in Belgrade, so they stayed here to live here.

Life in Belgrade can be tense, beautiful, sad, disturbing, funny. It all depends on day to day, from Sunday to Sunday, but also from the place where you live.

Life in downtown Belgrade has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the bad sides is the big crowd you’ve certainly met with, which is created daily in the morning and afternoon. There is also a daytime emergency search for the appropriate parking place, which is very difficult to find if you have a car.

If you are a skilled driver and fast as Schumacher, you are on the right way to provide yourself with a good parking space ..
On the other hand, the center offers a large selection of shops, which are at your fingertips, there are markets, the Health Center. And if you do not have a car, and you have to go to another part of Belgrade, you have city traffic at your disposal.

The advantage of living in central city municipalities is the proximity of the theater and other cultural and entertainment contents. So life in the city center will never be boring. Sometimes it’s even enough to just walk out and walk, because there is always something outside in the center of Belgrade. And there’s a great chance to meet some girl, or have a cup of coffee with some nice dude.

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