Do you compare yourself to others on Instagram?



One of the wisest sayings is “Mind Your Business,” which is also one of the most important lessons to be applied in both real life and Instagram. After all, what brings you comparison with other people’s photos, except for low self-esteem and anxiety ?!

However, no matter how this explanation works exactly and logically, it seems that Instagram’s temptation is hard to resist … An increasing number of people are striving for a perfect profile, impeccable photos and, accordingly, a large number of followers … It’s easy to get caught up with the magic of fairy-tale scenes and idyllic scenes from other people’s lives … But if you do not intend to become an influencer, there is absolutely no need to seek that perfectionist perfection and express your deep thoughts in the description of the photos …

So, the first step to removing from obsessively checking your and Instagram’s orders from other people is to relax and enjoy the moment, and not to create content for this social network wherever you appear and whatever you do … It may be hard to believe, but There is a whole world beyond your Instagram feed that is full of real excitement and spells. Do not mess with well-filtered and photoshooted photos with your own values ​​and achievements.

In addition, you should set aside time to reconnect with yourself. Understand what you like and make you happy. Instead of publishing on Instagram Story, try to write a diary. Focus on yourself and your soul, not on comparison with other people’s photos. You will quickly understand how much this change is pleasant to you, and that there is no place to mention the negative feelings. Be grateful for everything you have in your life, and Instagram let you be casual entertainment and a source of inspiration, which was its basic idea. Good luck!

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