Do u know about Tashmajdan mystery?


Tashmajdan mystery
You must be wondering what the Tasmay’s mystery is. Do you know that most Serbs today do not know where the holy relics of St. Sava actually were burned. Although many thought that the relics of the first Serbian enlighteners were burned in Vracar, some evidence suggests that the event took place in Tasmajdan, more precisely in the place where the restaurant “Last Chance” is located, which was called Čupina umka at that time.

In all likelihood, this historical mystery is due to terminological confusion about the issue of Vracar in the 16th century, but it still causes controversy. There are many assumptions and evidence for this thesis, and the question of where the event that the Serbs remembered actually took place was initiated by the lawyer and erudite Sreten Popovic in the eighties of the 19th century. Popovic then collected a lot of data that supported the assumption that the burning did not happen on Vracar.

Popovic, among other things, came to the delivery of a certain Blind Laze who remembered the ancestral legacy and told him: “From the altar of St. Mark’s Temple (which was built by Prince Miloš), it is counted, east, seventy steps. You will reach one elevation. Look from left to right! Do you see Belgrade, Sava and Danube? Well, here, on this viewpoint, the Saint Sava was burned. This hill is called the Cove of Saving. “

Tasmajdan was later a cemetery, but many do not know that it was a mystical place that the Turks and the Austrians used before, and that there were gypsous cages where the old guards would gather to return to the Belgrade craftsmen, and hence the term Vračar later, certainly, changed the location to the south.

The proof that the incineration took place at that place is the fact that the most important road of that time passed through the Carigradski Drum (present Bulevar kralja Aleksandra), through which Sinan pasha with musts passed through to see the Serbs seeing it burning the relics of St. Sava. And as the current Vracar got its name, that’s already another story!

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