Diego de Silva is visiting Belgrade!



Yesterday’s talk about his book “Marriage therapy for lovers”, at the premises of his Belgrade publisher “Klija”, contemporary Italian writer Diego de Silva, began his guest appearance in Serbia, where he will stay until March 7th. In addition to Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Sabac will visit.

Diego de Silva will attend the opening of the Book Fair in Novi Sad today, and from 16:00 in Hall of the Master of Novi Sad Fair will present the presentation of “Marriage therapy for lovers”. For the 6th and 7th of March, his guestings in Kragujevac and Sabac were reserved.

According to the translator Ana Marković, Diego de Silva is one of the most readers of Italian writers at this time, although the pages of his novels do not “tangle about corpses” nor about police inspectors, as he tells meignest best-selling novels in Italy. We could define this writer as a king of comedy sooner.

“As you read his books, you laugh first of all to yourself, as we recognize ourselves in the discomfort and disturbances in which the characters of his novels are pinned down,” says Ana Markovic.

The author emphasized that in “Bracelet Therapy” he allowed himself to talk about feelings and complicated love situations, while playing with nervousness within a link that is often ridiculous. “In love, we can easily become ridiculous, which is very attractive to a writer,” says Diego de Silva.

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