Dental Tourism in Belgrade and Serbia


Dental tourism is a fast-growing branch of tourism in Serbia. Affordable prices and high quality attract tourists from all over the world to Serbia. Most of them are coming from West Europe, as Serbia is very close. Besides getting quality dental services, they have a chance to see the beauties of our country.

Why is dental tourism so popular in Serbia?

Let’s cut to the chase – the prices of dental services in Serbia are much lower than in wealthier countries, such as the USA, the UK, or Germany. This especially refers to more complicated, esthetic, and elective procedures, such as implants, dentures, and veneers. Luckily, Serbian dentists are educated according to all European and global standards. The materials and equipment they use are also of high-quality and mostly imported from different European countries and certified by the EU. Hence, the quality of work is equally good as in their colleagues worldwide.

Many dental clinics also offer dental tourism packages, where they take care of everything in addition to the actual dental care. From transportation and accommodation to translation and local tours – all you need to do is land at the airport. They are generally very flexible and working even on weekends. So there is enough time for a patient to enjoy the city as well, and see some of our most popular sights and locations. The doctors are very dedicated to the patient and are doing their best to finish all the work as soon as possible, so there will not be any unnecessary waiting.


Services and prices

The reputable clinics are generally very transparent with prices. They offer different payment options, so you can also pay with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard). Of course, the exact price can’t be confirmed in advance, as the doctor has to assess your condition and complexity and decide what kind of procedures should be done.

Here, we will just present the general overview of services and prices. Please have in mind that those are just estimates and for informative purposes. Additional diagnostic procedures may incur extra fees.

  • Implants – from 390 €
  • Dentures – from 250 €
  • Porcelain veneers – from 250 €
  • Root canal treatment – from 20 € (per root)
  • Tooth extraction – regular – from 20 €
  • Tooth extraction – surgical – from 100 €
  • Crown – from 100 € (depending on the material)
  • Dental hygiene with tartar removal and polishing – from 20 €
  • Whitening – from 150 €

The prices above are in euros for patients’ convenience. However, the official currency is the Serbian dinar. So just in case, if you are paying in cash, check with the clinic what the payment options are. One thing patients appreciate the most is that initial examination and treatment plan are generally free (of course, if you commit to receiving the treatment in that clinic).


Enjoy sightseeing while you are here!

One of the benefits of dental tourism is the chance to see the most beautiful places in our cities. Of course, every Serbian city has dental clinics. Foreign visitors generally prefer staying and having their procedures in Belgrade and Novi Sad. If you need dental services, let us know, so we can help you find the clinic that suits your needs. We are sure that you will be too busy and tired to plan the sightseeing – so that is why we will take you to one of our Belgrade City Tours. We will make sure you use your free time as efficiently as possible, and we will avoid any strenuous activities. Of course, we can customize the tour for you, and provide transportation services while you are here. Let your smile change the world!


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