Danube wild beaches


Beautiful and sunny days are an invitation for everyone to use their free time to stay in nature. Some people would rather enjoy people and crowds. On the other hand, there are those who want some privacy. It is sometimes hard to find a place with fewer people, a desirable location to enjoy the summer heat. Danube wild beaches may be the right choice for you if you rather want a more intimate atmosphere. Let’s meet some of them.

Bela Stena

Bela Stena is on the right bank of the Danube, a proven good destination. This island with a beautiful sandy beach and numerous restaurants is tucked away in the woods. Transportation by boat to Bela Stena is organized in the summer months from the marina Visnjica and Pancevo. May Day is the date when the season of enjoying this almost untouched nature officially begins.

Bela Stena is adorned by the famous sandy beach on the tip of the island, towards Belgrade. People sunbathe here, swim, ride boats on the nearby river, fish in the surrounding canals, prepare fish soup, fry fish, camp… Some live here even when it is winter. Today, the island is also attractive to (in love) couples: there is enough privacy. Many say that whoever did not spend the night on Bela Stena did not realize the true charm of this place.


Grocanska ada

As its name suggests, Grocanska ada is located near Grocka. This island is especially popular among fishermen. Since it is not overly urbanized, it is still one of the few places where you can totally relax. Surrounded by the Danube, this river island is moving, according to the locals. They say it crossed 200 meters in a year! Grocanska ada also has one attraction – a large oak tree over 150 years old.

There is also a beach on the island where locals fight against high temperatures by swimming.

Sodros in Novi Sad

Since it is still unknown to many and has no commercial character, Sordos beach is unique. It is a paradise for all those who want to be alone along the Danube and enjoy the sun and swimming. Just a few hundred meters from the Strand, this one of the Danube wild beaches is open to all visitors. Here you can meet older and younger people, families with children, but also those who bring their pets.

Many Novi Sad residents have been coming to Sodros for years because of the more intimate atmosphere. Although there is no much entertainment here unless you create it yourself.  Young people come here almost every day to rest and, as they say, still find fun on the beach without loud music. Both the water and the sand are enough.



Ivanovo is located on the left bank of the Danube, about thirty kilometers downstream from the mouth of the Sava. Due to its natural position, this is a classic river wintering ground, which is used for rest and recreation in summer.

Ivanovo has a very favorable geographical position, considering that it is located on the Danube. Until the Second World War, it had a port in which ships spent the whole winter. Even today there are still remains of that port in the Danube tributary known as Zimovnik.

Oficirac Beach

Oficirac Beach is a favorite bank of the Danube on the Srem side. This is one of the Danube wild beaches for all those who like a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. Tickets and parking are free, so there are more than 2,000 people here on weekends.

There is access to the beach from several sides. It is possible to approach it by bike, on foot as well as by car. There is enough greenery for shade, but also for parking cars. The beach is as tidy as it is. In other words, as much as its swimmers take care of it because it is a wild beach.


Among the visitors of Oficirac there are old and young, people from Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, and beyond. Parents with children also come to the beach, because there are a lot of trees that form shade, and the coast itself is spacious, which is ideal for kids. There are several cafes on the beach, where the prices are more than affordable.

River lovers jealously guard their hidden places, which can usually only be reached by boat. We have tried to present to you a small part of the Danube wild beaches and we have probably missed a lot. We leave it to you to discover the rest for yourself. You just have to set on a journey and embark on an exploratory adventure.

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