Culture of Belgrade



Belgrade is the center of culture and art of Serbia. In Belgrade, our most important artists are created, more than 11,000 theater performances, exhibitions, concerts, performances and other art programs are held annually. There are numerous eminent artists from the world of art.

Belgrade is the seat of the highest state and national institutions of culture and arts: the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the National Library of Serbia, the National Museum, the National Theater and the University of Arts.

The most important works of architecture are in Belgrade, Kalemegdan and Belgrade Fortress, cultural monuments and other immovable cultural good, numerous archaeological sites with material remains that testify to the developed civilization and culture on the territory of Belgrade from the prehistory to the present.

City of Belgrade is the founder of 30 cultural institutions (12 theaters, 8 protection institutions, 4 libraries, 6 centers for culture and gallery) and at the same time it helps the realization of programs and program projects of institutions and art associations. City Belgrade is the founder and sponsor of 11 events in the field of culture (FEST, BITEF, BEMUS, BELEF, International Youth Music Competition, Documentary and Short Film Festival, October Salon, Joy of Europe, Belgrade fair of books, Film festival in Sopot and the Belgrade Jazz Festival), and also helps programs of 69 events in the field of culture that are held in Belgrade.

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