Clubs in Cetinjska street in Belgrade. U should chill out here!


It is known that there are many cores of good entertainment and entertainment in Belgrade, as well as that there is a great choice for everyone and everyone’s taste.

Cetinjska contributes a lot to this. The core of a slightly more alternative and relaxed party mood is an example of how the entire end is revitalized with good ideas and creativity.

At the site of the former brewery George Weifert and Ignjat Bajlonija, at the parking lot in Cetinjska 15, there is a whole range of different clubs. Healthy and positive competition as if to reflect the spirit of this place, and some old Belgrade in the sense that among the caterers there is a beautiful neighborhood atmosphere of the countryside when the neighbors were hanging out and the guests greeted their hands.

Cetinjska is a place of entertainment, but also numerous cultural and artistic events.

Some of the best drinks and interesting craft beers and coffee are 100 percent arabic, while in other places, it seems to be less concerned about quality. Simply, it’s not always the most important thing to drink as it may be affordable or cheap.

Some of the clubs, represent in themselves a small “artistic district and a club of avant-garde and new thoughts. It is an emphasis on various artistic events and it seems that there is an audience here for all, even for screenings of silent films, concerts of experimental music, poetry evenings and more.

The main thing about Cetinjska 15 is the proximity of all these clubs. Namely, everyone is in a huge yard, it is easy to switch from one club to another, and in most of them you do not pay either entrance or wardrobe.  As the clubs are diverse, for every taste you can find something. In the upcoming period it will have an even bigger choice of clubs in this street. And even if you are bored of the Cetinjska, it’s easy to go to Skadarlija, which is right next to this street.

Also, many of these clubs per day function as bars, so you can also come to a regular cup of coffee or a glass of beer after work.

If we ignore the controversies about the volume of music and the club’s working hours, problems with the wider neighborhood, and the fact that compromise is always necessary for peace in the house, it should be noted that this location is ideal for going out.

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