Choomich Design District


Belgrade Design District is a shopping mall where one can buy or just view the original works of Belgrade artists, fashion and other designers.

It is located in the pubs that take one part of the Čumić sockets, a pedestrian area in the center of the city, between Belgrade Youth Center and Terazije.

Belgrade Design District was promoted under the name Choomich Design District on November 1, 2010, with the energy and will of artists of all generations. The idea was to re-invite the citizens of Belgrade to Čumić’s Sokače, one of the first shopping malls that was emptied and abandoned in the late 1990s.

The once-popular Cumic has come to life again, and designers changed the name of their district after the first year to emphasize that what they are expressing is the way a talented creative Belgrade thinks.

Fashion and art studios have become the venue for selected events and new ways of communicating with visitors throughout the year.

In Belgrade Design District, as well as in similar art districts in the world capitals, you can buy a wardrobe, unique objects for home, jewelry, artwork … or just visit the space, see what is on display in the galleries, stop by the cafeteria, get acquainted with designer ideas and fashion news, get advice …

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