Check out one of the best clubs on the rivers in Belgrade!



When it comes to Belgrade rafts, it’s very difficult to make choices and to minimize the many options that exist in Belgrade.
When you think about party hard in Belgrade, one of the first rafts that many will remember is the Freestyler raft.

The characteristic interior, top-class cocktails, the concept of entertainment that has become synonymous with Belgrade’s entertainment, have managed to transform the entire part of the city and create what we call “Belgrade’s rafts” today.

The Freestyler raft was opened more than a decade ago on the Savski kej. Very soon after the opening, thanks to the large amount of positive energy that prevailed on the raft, it took one of the leading places in the night life of Belgrade.
Not only did he manage to bring the Belgrade people down to the river in a different way, which was still in its infancy, but with the beauty of interior and quality of services, it became a mandatory destination for tourists and people looking for the best nightlife in the region.

Raft Shake ‘n’ Shake. At the mouth of the Sava in the Danube, on the New Belgrade side, there is an oasis of perfection, and everything you wanted, and you did not know how to make it. In addition to awakening your imagination and discovering your most passionate passions, this place leaves you without text, and it’s also a long time to write about it, because Shake ‘n’ Shake needs to be felt. The name of the beach bar speaks for itself! Symbolics are plentiful, starting with top sheikhs that will delight you completely and reveal new dimensions of taste.

Deckchairs, a spacious bar, a cane roof … you have to admit that by reading these lines yourself, you smell to an idyllic and relaxing, but also to the hot and tempting. During the day at the Shake ‘n’ Shake bar, you will be able to completely relax and relax from a quick capital city, to escape from the noise, and again you will be at the center of all happenings.

The raft of Lasta, one of the most popular rafts in Belgrade, adorns the coast of Sava and is the right choice for those who want to experience real Belgrade clubbing and spending. This is not surprising given that the Lasta raft comes from a team of owners who signs the famous city clubs “Brankow”, “Mladost” and “Ludost” and according to the concept represents a kind of mix of them.

Raft Hot Mess is a unique bar in Belgrade, located on the river and within its ambient has a swimming pool. With its interior gives you an incredible feeling as if you are in one of the most famous Monden areas.

In a very short time, the Hot Mess has managed to attract a large number of guests, both from the country and abroad, and has become one of the synonyms for good entertainment and relaxation. With extraordinarily pleasant staff and modern interior design, Hot Mess is definitely a place to visit.


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