Celebration of Danube Day


Celebration of Danube Day
The date devoted to this word is June 29, but the holiday will be celebrated on Saturday – A great international research will begin at the end of the month..

Danube Day will be celebrated in countries across Europe on June 29th, and at our national level, the central celebration will be held on Saturday at Zemun Quay on the plateau at the Venice restaurant. The event starts at 10 am and lasts until 12.30.

The program will include the group “Latino Dance Zemun”, Music School “Kosta Manojlović” and ballet school “Balletino”. The Nautical Club “Liman” will perform its demonstration exercise, and will be named the winner of the international competition “Danube Artist” for children from six to 18 years old, whose theme was “We love the Danube”. The best work will compete for the Crown of the Danube Artist in 2019, in the competition of 14 national winners of countries through which the Danube runs.

Since water is the source of life, and we will have it as much as we keep it, the goal of the organizer of this event is to teach the youngest how important the preservation of the river is.

The slogan of this year’s campaign is “Active for a safer Danube”, and during the celebration of the birthday of this river, a large international survey will be conducted every six years.

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