Celebrating New Year per Julian calendar in Belgrade is something you shouldn’t miss

It will be festive on city squares and in restaurants across Serbia as we are welcoming New Year per Julian calendar or as locals like to call it Serbian New Year.

Each visitor that is in Belgrade on January 13th is amazed by our tradition and customs. Moreover, all foreigners are specifically impressed by positive vibe and hospitality. On the evening of Serbian New Year you can in front of the Temple of Sveti Sava you will hear and meet visitors from all around the world as well as the locals all celebrating together.

 All citizens and visitors of Belgrade traditionally celebrate Serbian New Year in front of the Temple of Sveti Sava. In this Secret ground in front of a Temple where are buried relics of Sveti Sava will be organized wake.

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If you thought that is it, you will be very surprised because that is when the party begins! This year after the wake you will have the opportunity to enjoy in musical concert in Christmas village in front of the Temple and some more like traditional local delicacies. Right at midnight traditionally majestic fireworks are organized, which is something you shouldn’t miss. As the whole crowd greets and celebrates it is being enlighten by beautiful fireworks.

New Year per Julian calendar or as local like to call it Serbian New Year is something you shouldn’t miss, it will stay in your memory for life. After the celebration in square in front of Sveti Sava Temple you should head out to Belgrade’s famous clubs and continue the celebration indoors. If you need some advice on where to go feel free to book one of our amazing night life tours here.

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