Beti Đorđević & Friends concert in Belgrade!



The Youth Center of Belgrade is pleased to present the solo concert of our music diva Beti Djordjevic, who will perform with a team of selected musicians on Tuesday, February 19th, and will carry the audience through the hits of evergreen, soul and jazz that marked her decades-long career.

Career Betty Djordjevic hides one of the most exciting life stories in the area. Ups and downs, craft from happiness to accident and back, brought her poems with a note of personal experience as little as a singing star in our area. And Beti and her unforgettable voice and otherwise represent a particularly treasured musical scene here.

Beta Đorđević “baked her” craft at the site that was closest to the American club scene of the sixties and seventies – at clubs for US officers in West Germany at the time, featuring singing soul, jazz and fun repertoire. Classical tracks of the golden age of the American soul in the versions of Aretha Franklin, Dion Warwick, Diana Ross or Dajna Vosington, so in her interpretation they immediately checked the audience full of true connoisseurs, whom Beti proved from evening to evening.

Beti Djordjevic will recap the whole career with the band “Friends” at a concert at the Belgrade Youth Center on February 19: the first part of the performance will be dedicated to her greatest hits in the field of entertaining music, while the other will present her great love – the chosen soul and jazz tracks.

The unforgettable emotionality and great voice capabilities of this unique, authentic diva of our music scene will be a presentation in the best production at a place that is also related to the history of jazz music in our region.

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