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Every tourist likes to take some interest from a certain place he has visited. Whether it’s a town or village in our country or not, we all like to bring some memory out of here.

Tourists in Belgrade most often spend money on souvenirs. What is somehow a compulsory purchase, especially in the recent times is certainly buying and collecting magnets from many countries, cities with motives that describe precisely those places or simply their names. There are various shapes, colors, sizes and works, so that once making a decision that is the most beautiful can be a real torture.
Prices of magnets are mostly the same all over the world and vary widely from one to five euros, all depends on its shape and its way of making. The better the magnet, the higher the price. They are still valid for the most practical and economical gifts.

Tourists in Belgrade, besides obligatory magnets, still want something authentic from our country. It is known that one of the most famous brands of Serbia is certainly rakija. Drinks bought by foreign tourists in Belgrade equally as they buy their famous metaxa in Greece. Tourists often buy plum brandy, apricot or at the recommendation of friends who have already tried all our types of brandy, bring some taste. What every tourist needs to know, that is, depending on the country that comes from, at the border, certain rules apply to drinks in general. In some countries only a certain quantity can be entered, so be informed on time in advance that at the border you would not have problems entering your country. Not everybody likes every taste of this alcoholic beverage, but every tourist has heard the story of the medicinal effect of brandy, and it’s at least possible to use it as a preventive.

Another thing that tourists most often spend money in Belgrade are certainly our unique handmade works that authentically show our folklore and history. These are often knitted sweaters, caps, gloves, opanci, and even our folk costumes. It is this story that is most intriguing to all tourists who want to learn something about Belgrade. Serbian shoes, the so-called dungeons are a detail that many buy in the form of pendants for keys, or as another souvenir that will hang on to your wall of memories.

Books about Belgrade are bought only by rare collectors, as well as dvd collections with photos of our city, but also video or audio.
Tourists during their stay in Belgrade spend money on nightlife, cultural sites, tours of museums, city taverns, clubs and everything that Belgrade is.
Every tourist with whom we had an opportunity to discuss on what he or she most often spent money in Belgrade… they said that most money is spent in going out and party in Belgrade!

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