Belgrade souvenirs


Officially, Belgrade has 23 souvenirs that were promoted after the Belgrade Tourist Souvenirs competition. All souvenirs have authentication, ie. sticker with seal.

New Belgrade souvenir programs are presented from time to time at the Belgrade Showcase of the Belgrade Cultural Center (Knez Mihailova 6).

Famous artists create t-shirts, cup or mouse coasters, mugs, notebooks, bags, calendars, magnets and other Belgrade-inspired motifs. The Knez Mihailova Library at the Belgrade City Library has stands where various jewels, including Belgrade souvenirs, can also be found.

Gradstor (Mon-Fri 17.00-21.00), a shop that sells interesting items from Belgrade designers, operates at the Krsmanović 4 Brothers (KC Grad).

Among the pieces of unique jewelry, original handbags, T-shirts and collections of useful household items, Belgrade souvenirs can also be found here.

There are several other shops in Belgrade for sale of city souvenirs with motifs: Winner, St. Sava Temple, Avala Tower, Belgrade Fortress, Bajrakli Mosque, Belgrade …

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