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Kalemegdan and Student Park… Skate Park..

Kalemegdan and Student Park

There is nothing better than organizing a meeting in any of these two places. Kalemegdan will be full of Belgrade, as well as tourists who gather on its walls, benches, as well as grassy surfaces in hot summer nights. There is a very often carried instrument, a music player with sound or simply the more talented ones sing while others are following. Inevitably, there are also drinks, often and food, and such evenings are one of the favorite of all, especially tourists, who like this kind of atmosphere reminds of some times the hippie commune, when everyone without stress and load enjoyed similar gatherings.

The Student Park is also one of the favorite places for gathering young people, most often students, but here is time limited by midnight, and after the majority transfer to another place or club.

Skate Park

This park is located at the shopping center of Usce and is usually the central place where skaters gather, or young people who like to make various strenuous roleries or bikes. There are mainly young bikers and skaters, and all those who like to watch them while performing a gigolo. At night, the skate park becomes the right playground where music is entertained by watching professional skaters perform their tricks. This place is just one more reserved for the younger team.

Belgrade’s nightlife are not always classic like going to the city, there are long walks with dear people, when the lights of the city are the strongest and the air is full of positive electricity.

Of course, for what is the night life of Belgrade certainly known.. are parties till morning, the sounds of turbo folk, folk, rock, electronic music, etc.

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