Belgrade’s nightlife is the best in Europe … so some may say.

Belgrade is famous for its nightlife, because people in Belgrade come out in the evenings every night and have fun .. they drink .. they are crazy ..

Belgrade is crowded with clubs and bars and and drafts..

The nightlife is divided into seasons. During the summer, the only clubs that are open are called “splav” which means raft.

Perhaps the most uniquely Serbian aspect of nightlife are the splavovi (splavs) – large floating platforms on the river banks on which are built as cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. The splavs enjoy huge popularity during summer.

There are fashion-forward splavs blasting international pop music, where you come to see and be seen and spend large. There are casual splavs that play Serbian folk music, designed for lazy drinks and river dips. There are hipster splavs with underground music for cool alternative folks. There’s something for everyone.

Belgrade is home to many clubs.

The party crowd that goes out in Belgrade is always friendly and relaxed.

In part of Belgrade called Savamala ull find various clubs.. Music seems to be directed towards techno, deep and tech house. Here you can mostly listen to local DJ collectives and sometimes some bigger foreign names.

In downtown of Belgrade.. music section ranges from alternative, rock, pop to house and techno.. Clubs offers stages with different music, live gigs and movie nights. Prices are descent and the crowd is casual.

U ll also find some trendy spots on the river.. Music is mostly commercial and deep house oriented.

There are a few outdoor clubs in the fortress. Check them out!

In Belgrade nightlife the atmosphere is really welcoming and people are friendly. There are also often a lot of foreigners here..

Have fun in Belgrade, and party in Belgrade!

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