Belgrade night clubs to open on June 4th


The vibrant capital of Serbia is counting the days until June 4th  when the Belgrade night clubs are scheduled to open again. Traditionally, with the first days of summer, the nightlife scene moves to “rafts”.  “Rafts” (Serbian: splavovi) are famous clubs floating on Belgrade’s two rivers – Sava and Danube.

The emergency measures slowly began to weaken in Serbian capital. Therefore it is time for nightlife to get back on its feet.

Belgrade is famous as the capital of nightlife in Europe. Belgrade night clubs have something for everyone. Fans of every genre are being catered to in numerous clubs. However, our city is home to some of the best clubs with electronic music. The clubbers would enjoy partying until the dawn at hotspots such as Freestyler, Lasta, Leto, Money, Tag, etc. Blasting music, famous DJs, stunning girls, breathtaking sunrise above the river, and a great selection of the drinks will heat up the atmosphere, guarantee a good time, and make you come back for more.

We, Belgraders, are natural experts on nightlife. We are always ready to recommend the best place to spend the night. Our team can organize a special Belgrade night clubs tour for you. Our Pub Crawl tour includes dancing the night at our iconic places, drinking amazing local beers, and creating unforgettable memories.

Even though the Serbian government deems that current epidemiological conditions are favorable and safe, we are appealing to our visitors to party responsibly. If you feel any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or otherwise feel ill, please refrain from performing outdoor or group activities and contact the doctor.

See you at the club!


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