Is Belgrade on a map of sex tourism destinations?

Is Belgrade on a map of sex tourism destinations?
How has Belgrade become the capital of sex tourism?

We’re not just traveling for the May Day holidays. After the news that Croatians regularly come to Belgrade on weekends for sex, this branch of tourism in Serbia seems to be expanding. Hundreds of Turks occupy the Serbian capital also during weekends. They rarely look for social life here. They come with their lovers!

Bulgarians come for smoking… on the other hand..

In addition to tourists from Turkey, a large number of Bulgarians come to Serbia. As tourist experts explain, the reason for this is smoking ban in restaurants in this country, which in Serbia there is not.

Bulgaria is in the EU and can not smoke in cafes and restaurants. That is why they come to Eastern Serbia massively because they can be drunk.. drunk and smoked there without any restrictions. Hotels in Dimitrovgrad, Bosilegrad, Pirot and Nis are literally full of Bulgarians who swim over them on weekends. For the same reason in recent months there are more and more Romanians coming.

SEX TOURISM IN BELGRADE: While owners of apartments are rubbing their hands, neighbors can not sleep because of screaming… from making love..

About 1,500 apartments in Belgrade can be rented for just one day, and while their owners are rubbing their hands for good earnings, neighbors are crazy because they can not sleep for night because of over-playing sex.

However, these apartments are rented by those eager to spend or searching for sex havens.
Belgrade has become a favorite tourist destination, especially for Slovenes, and some of them are not here to enjoy the beauty of the capital, but in orgies with young Serbs.

Most often older couples look for young people. The clichés have long since existed, we have various variations in order for people to awaken their sexuality, which may have extinguished at a later age, after many years of marriage, and they are now seeking new excitement and experience …

People often do not have enough time for sexual motivation, games and communication, and use free days and holidays.

SEX tourism has been a real planetary hit in recent years. In this business turn billions of euros, so it is not surprising that many countries are not ashamed of the epithet of sex destination. They even point out, sometimes directly, and sometimes hidden, in order to attract guests. And they can overcome half the world to make their fantasies a reality …

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