Belgrade lakes

Belgrade Lakes
Today Belgrade is much bigger than it used to be. Tribes, civilizations and nations, cultures and religions, rulers and systems were changing… and the city was growing… It is growing today. Both in width and in height. Formerly five-story buildings were architectural marvels and today we hardly notice them. Once the city was only within the walls of the old fortress, today the territory of Belgrade from north to south is more than 80 kilometers long.

The territory of Belgrade is still rich in water today. Both above ground and underground. The city boasts three rivers, 180 streams and a dozen lakes that we take you to in this presentation. There may be some other lakes in Belgrade that are not mentioned in books and encyclopedias.

It should not be expected that all Belgrade lakes will become urbanized as the Sava Lake. Nevertheless, each of Belgrade’s lakes deserves more care and attention. Signposts are needed somewhere, a neatly landscaped driveway or a pebble beach … Somewhere lacking garbage cans, lighting, a restaurant or shop, a better organized fishery service …

All the economic studies in the world done in the last thirty years claim that water will be the most significant resource of the future. Much more important than oil is today. Looking at the future based on the information you can find here, we can rightly say that Belgrade is a prosperous city.

The Sava Lake
Ada Safari
Markovack Lake
Cherry Lake
White River
Lake Rabrovac
Lake Ochaga
The deep stream
Lake Pariguz
Rakina bara

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