Belgrade Jazz Festival “Jazz Celebration”


From October 22 to 27, 2019, the 35th Belgrade Jazz Festival will be held under the slogan “Jazz Celebration”.

The festival organizer is the Youth Center of Belgrade.

Jubilee, the 35th edition will last for more than a day, and there will be nearly thirty concerts and a series of accompanying programs, but also a lot of jazz content that is planned for the October event.

Concerts will be organized in the Youth House of Belgrade as well as in Kombank Hall.

elkani jazz and young forces will be on stage this year; Therefore, the artists who have pursued the directions in this music and those who are exploring the new ways of the genre – performers that our audience very well knows, but also those who are yet to discover, from the country and abroad.

The concept of the festival remains dynamic and open, appealing to younger and older jazz experts, but also to interesting music lovers in general.

In the Kombank Hall, the tradition of jazz and the history of this event will be evoked, and in the hall of the American House of Youth, the audience will be able to see the exciting future.

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