Belgrade is full with private apartments for Rent


Belgrade – How Belgrade and Serbia become interesting destinations for tourists from all over the world, and renting houses, apartments and rooms is becoming a more lucrative business.

On one of the most popular sites for tourists (Air, Bed & Breakfast) there are more and more offers from Serbia. The American website offers exclusively private accommodation in a house, apartment, room, on board, or in some more unconventional places like a house on a tree or a needle. They offer accommodation in 34,000 cities and 190 countries.

Everything started from the idea of ​​renting an apartment in which he lives during an annual vacation or for a long time. A few founders still rent their apartment when they leave, but the site has grown into a public private accommodation service in the world – cheaper than the hotel, and more comfortable than a hostel.

There are now thousands of offers in Serbia on Most of them are in Belgrade and Novi Sad, and accommodation is offered in Uzice, Zlatibor …
Registration is free, all personal data are entered and the bank account information is sent out through which payments are made.

The best accommodation is in the center of Belgrade. Most foreigners want it to be near the sights, they do not have to “nod”, and even pay a little more. Lately, competition is growing, as more and more people are offering accommodation in this way ..

Motives for renting accommodation through these sites are different. From extra pocket money, good earnings, to socializing. The success of Airbnb is also reflected in the fact that sites like the social network, people leave messages and recommendations, registered members have a review of their reservations, and those who rent flats give guest ratings to recommend them to other renters by indicating what it is who was a guest.

Through “Airbnb”, accommodation can be found in almost the entire world, and its advantage is that it is fast, transparent, simple and secure.
Guest accommodation pays “Airbnb”, which retains money until the guest appears. In this case, the owner is insured if the guest canceled and the guest is insured if the accommodation is not as described on the page. If the guest does not show up, the money will still be withdrawn from his account, and the right to refund will be only if he is canceled on time and for a fee. Renters are also secured by a deposit that Airbnb retains 48 hours after the guest leaves, in case something is broken..

And cities from Serbia have found themselves on the list of those where it is possible to rent an apartment or a room. Now thousands of people from our country rent their real estate through the Airbnb website.



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