Belgrade is and was a spa town!



“Many citizens of the capital do not know that Belgrade is not only a political, economic and cultural center of the country, but also a tourist and a spa town.” This is the beginning of an interesting text from the 1938 “Vreme” newspaper. Journalist M. Sreckovic deals with unusual resources of this city.

The Visnjic Spa, which rests on its periphery in Belgrade, was voted by its healing power in the Roman times. Her reputation extends over the Middle Ages. Despot Stefan Lazarevic had a very flattering opinion on her healing properties. Recently, Branislav Nusic was interested in the spa, so he worked for a long time to actively interact with a group of financiers and create a big spa with a modern bathroom. For various reasons, Nušić failed and the whole thing would remain unresolved for a long time, that there was not a single presbyter, Mr. Đorđe Pešić, who had bought the spa for 99 years and opened the bathroom.

Journalists conclude that it is necessary to make a good route Belgrade – Višnjica, in order to make this a very decent place, the spa spa facility is interrupted. In this way, the spa would become accessible to all visitors from Belgrade, and without a doubt it would be built in its surroundings and a nice number of villas.

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