If we compare the map of Belgrade and the map of the world, and if we compare the populated part of Belgrade on the map and the continental part of the map of the world, very interesting and incredible coincidences come up, the words of Slavisa Savic, the author of the whole concept that he elaborated for the manifestation Days of Belgrade ’08. map of the world Belgrade .. BELGRADE IS A WORLD! Why?

If you imagine that instead of the Atlantic Ocean, the Sava River, which flows into the Danube or the North Ocean, you could recognize the Ušće with which the map of Belgrade begins to be seen. The Sava River separates Stari and Novi Beograd, as on the map of the world the Atlantic Ocean separates two land masses: America, which we call the New World, and the old continent – Europe, which we can recognize at the site of the Old Town.

Other interesting parallels can be seen, for example: Greenland would be at the site of the Great War Island, the House of National Assembly would be Strasbourg, Gibraltar is the Mostar Loop, while the Suecki Channel is on the move Autocomanda. Terazije would be Paris, the Temple of St. Sava is at the place of Constantinople. Great Britain and Ireland are the Belgrade Fortress. The flower house would be located at the site of the Egyptian pyramids, Marinkova Bar was India, and the Faculty of Drama Arts is California – Hollywood.

Belgrade is a cosmopolitan city and is located at the intersection of roads. And on this map of ours, Belgrade is on Slavia, or Slavija is a model of Belgrade, like the Belgrade is a model of the world. It is not, therefore, by chance that we are constantly speaking and repeat that BELGRADE is a WORLD, and this project also offers some other evidence and arguments.

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