Belgrade is a Balkan New York!


According to the Italian editor of the lifestyle portal Kjara Marky, Belgrade is a Balkan New York.

She was particularly impressed with the National Museum and could not believe that while she was walking, she would see the works of Monet, Tintorette and Van Gogh. She was delighted with exhibits from the Neolithic and an enviable antique collection. Particularly fascinated by the fact that the National Theater was only open during the NATO bombing. At the Historical Museum she saw the posture about the end of the First World War.

A walk through Knez Mihailova Street was a delight because she responded to the Balkan music of street musicians. This street has reached the ruins of the old Roman road Via Militaris, which once led to Constantinople, or Instabula. In front of the Kalemegdan Fortress there was a monument of gratitude to France, built by the artist Ivan Mestrovic, in order to express his gratitude to allies in the First World War. Also, the Roman Well at Kalemegdan was delighted, which was compared with St. Patrick’s bunker located in Orvieto.

After Kalemegdan, Kjara visited the Temple of St. Sava and the Nikola Tesla Museum and recommended these two destinations to all tourists who plan to visit Belgrade.

She was also fascinated by the Balkan Street which is famous for handmade hats, and there are also small and very authentic goldsmiths. In her opinion, attention is paid to Čumić design district, which is a true oasis of excellent fashion by domestic designers. Before leaving the Serbian capital, Kjara visited Sava Mala, whom she called Small Dubai.

Kjara Marki endorsed everyone for coming to Belgrade

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